Is this a replacement for my current pet clinic or hospital?

No, this platform is not a replacement for your current pet clinic or hospital. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering this as a way to support your clinic/hospital with non-emergency related support. We partner with accredited veterinary practices in your province to provide advice online.

What are the common issues I can address in an online appointment?

• Allergies
• Abscesses
• Anxiety/OCD
• Bites/bee stings
• Dehydration
• Dental pain
• Dermatitis
• Hot Spots
• Imbedded splinter/fox tail
• Ingrown nails
• Lacerations/skin abrasions
• Muscle and joint pain
• Obesity
• Poisoning
• Ticks/lice/worms
• Urinary distress
• Vomiting

If you are not sure, set up an appointment and we’ll advise you with the best next steps. For any urgent health emergencies with your pet please visit an Animal Hospital.

Will the KaboHealth update my clinic following the consultation?

Due to the overwhelming volume current clinics and hospitals are facing, the veterinarians using Kabo Health will not be responsible for updating your regular clinic. We suggest you find a time at a later date to update your clinic when they resume regular check-up service.

How does the appointment work?

After completing your request for an appointment, you will receive an email to coordinate the time of your appointment with a veterinarian at an accredited practice. The appointment will be carried out over phone call, email, or video conferencing.

How much does it cost to speak to a vet?

Nothing! This is an initiative to help Canadian pet owners #stayhome during the COVID-19.

How long will this service be available?

We will be offering this service for free for the month of April in an effort to flatten the curve.

How long is an appointment?

The average appointment is anywhere 15 minutes to an hour depending on the reason for appointment. The vet will be following professional practice standards in accordance with their accredited facility.

Do you need my pet’s medical records?

You will be asked for the reason of your appointment and any history the veterinary practice should be aware about for your appointment.

Is this secure and compliant?

Yes, we connect you with veterinarians through accredited veterinary practices securely via phone, video or email communications to ensure you receive advice on the issue you are facing.
All veterinary practices follow professional practice standards in accordance to their provincial guidelines.

What do I need for my appointment?

We can offer consultations via email, phone callor video. For any video consultations you’ll need access to the internet and your phone (or webcam on your computer).

Can I get a prescription through Kabo Health?

No, unfortunately our platform can only provide health advice. If you require medicine or urgent care we suggest you call your local clinic.

I have some more questions, who can I reach out to?

If you have questions pertaining to Kabo Health, please email us at

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